I MIGHT BE A LITTLE rusty... but i need to continue doing what i love :D

Im not going to follow, its my time to lead
For those who put me down, i will prove you wrong
Just when i was close to failure, i succeed
Your negative words make me strong
The long road ahead, it never ends
Just when you think you have won
The path swerves, and bends and takes a turn for the worse
You always tell me, I'm not going to make it
A little support would help, is it too hard to fake it
But now i know, i must stand on my own
Not a puppet who once was controlled
No one to rely on, I am here on my own
I used to look to you for guidance, but i stand here

Writer's Block: Songs of the season
What is your all-time favorite album from any holiday, and why?

 Definately the *Nsync Christmas Album


made by: mina
Is life a game?
where we are the pawns
Is life music?
with no lyrics to the song
Is life a question?
where no answer is right or wrong

Is life a joke?
or is there no laughs
is life a journey?
maybe leading to paths

Is life a puzzle?
are we the pieces
Is life a bully?
where everyone teases
Is life as sweet as candy?
like twizzlers or reeses

Life is a book, it is unwritten
Life is full of cliques, which one do you fit in?


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